Dating scrapbook pages

(Click here for the process video.) When I sat down at my desk, I immediately knew I wanted to work with this particular photo of my husband and I, captured back in 2011.

I advise scrappers to keep photos in classic shapes, like squares and rectangles.

Here’s a great list of 10 romantic scrapbooking ideas to set your love creativity flowing.

Your romance with the man you love deserves a special place in your love scrapbook.

Whatever the case might be, somehow you need something to spark you off… Describe how moved, touched and loved you felt when you first read the letter and held onto that piece of paper with tear-glistened eyes.

because you realized that you’re running out of ideas on what to scrapbook about! Or how you broke into jubilant laughter when you read that you’re so treasured and cherished by the one you love.

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